UndoRedo is a game made in 48 hours during a small game jam in Istanbul. The game was made with the idea that the participants would be playing this game at the end of this game jam. UndoRedo is really difficult and hardcore third person 3d game where the goal is to reach the end. There are no explanations about what the controls are and what the right path is. When a player fails he starts over and on the spot where he failed a ghost appears. By playing this game a lot and switch with other players they will reach the end and finish the game. A social experience where the meta-game around the game is just as important as the actual game, sharing your experience and actually failing is the main gameplay element.

Players: 1 at a time
Duration: unlimited!
Role: Designer, Programmer and Artist
Team: 4 people (Burkay Ozedemir, Samantha Geurts, Arne Höfer)
Development time: 48 hours
Platform: Unity