Pressure in Paradise

This serious game was an assignment to make a game about drugs. We chose addiction as a subject for this game. The gameplay of this games is a link to addiction and let you experience what the dangers are of an addiction. This game is not your typical ‘learn’ game, but is fun and learns you something through the gameplay. In Pressure in Paradise you are a little boy that discovers a monster on a tropical island. The monster looks very hungry and wants you to give him some food. You give him some harmless fruit. But after a while the monster demands more and more of you. Do you choose to give him more or not?

Players: 1
Duration: 10 minutes
Team: 5 people (Mitch Manders, Sven Boers, Joseph Noel, Tibor Dujmovic )
Role: Designer & Programmer
Development time: 4 weeks
Platform: Unity